Advertising and marketing professionals who pioneered reaching large audiences began in radio and then moved on to television. Almost 30 years ago, the internet was born. Digital marketers and advertisers now have nearly limitless channels through which to reach their target audiences. A video marketing strategy is an essential marketing tool today — if you want to reach people and keep their attention, you must include online video marketing in your strategies. While this makes sense to anyone online today (for example, anyone reading this), it's worth going over the fundamentals by answering the question "What is video marketing?" and delving into concepts like online video marketing, social media video marketing, and business video marketing. We'll also discuss the significance of video marketing, various video marketing strategies, the benefits of video marketing, and how to successfully conduct video content marketing. Incorporating a video format into your marketing strategy to promote a brand, product, service, or message is what video marketing entails. Video marketing effectively educates your audience and aids in increasing engagement on social and digital channels. With the introduction of YouTube in 2005, video marketing gained traction. However, things took off after Google purchased YouTube in 2006, and by the end of 2009, the platform had seven different ad formats. The rise of smartphone technology fueled the fire by making it more convenient and simpler to watch videos on mobile phones. This practice skyrocketed in the aftermath of the pandemic, which increased media consumption by 215 percent in the United States alone.

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